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 To create a world of trust & happiness

Creating a world of trust and happiness goes deeper than just business security and safety. NexGen Cares is our way of giving back to those who are in need. Through fundraising, sponsorship and more, we’re committed to expanding our mission statement far and wide, beyond the walls of our business.

Hospices of Hope

It’s estimated that there are more than 50,000 children in Romania living with rare or life-limiting illness with 5,000 in the Bucharest area alone. With struggling and often corrupt healthcare systems, many of these children go with little or no help. Hospices of Hope Children’s Centre offers respite and therapy services to children with life-limiting and rare illnesses. 

Costin is our sponsored child. He is 9 years old and living in Copanceni, Romania. Costin has a number of conditions, diseases and illnesses that are life-changing. Through our monthly donations, he is given the care, love and attention needed that he otherwise could not afford. His family is also provided with an opportunity to receive counselling through this time as well as occupational therapy. Our donation contributes to:

  • Education
  • Residential Care
  • Day Care
  • Transport
  • Physiotherapy
  • Medical Equipment
  • Medical Supplies
  • Psychological Support
  • Social Support
  • Spiritual Support
  • Home-Care
  • Technology

Our Latest Update!

Costin has had some problems with his kidneys and has suffered with infections recently so his level of care was increased. His medical condition is stable now, but his family have to be really careful with his health. He is always happy to go to Copaceni.  He is taking part in physical therapy, art therapy and really likes to do crafts and games. 

Previous Update

Costin’s health condition is currently stable, but his mother has to be very careful as Costin is suffering with a kidney disease. He receives medical treatment and monitoring by our doctor from Copaceni. Here he benefits from group therapy, activities like crafts, games, physiotherapy to increase his physical condition. He loves video games and here he has the chance to enter the VR world. He participated in camps this summer with his brother Mario, they both loved taking part and having a week of respite.

DadsSpace UK Sponsorship

We recently sponsored the football kit of DadSpaceUK at their charity event. 

Through ticket sales, donations and sponsorships the event managed to raise over £2,000 that will now go to supporting fathers’ mental health!

We’re so proud to be able to play our small part, and of couse, the players and everyone involved.